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Kids Half Off with Paying Adult

Fishing With Kids

I started fishing at the age of 6 with my dad.  I enjoy re-living the excitement of the first catch with anyone on their first fishing trip but especially kids.  Fishing with kids can be really smooth or somewhat complex.  When fishing with a child, my number one focus is that the child having a great time.  Depending on their age and disposition, this could mean your first time out is short and sweet. It could mean throwing in a line and reeling it in just for fun.  It could be looking at ducks and waterfalls while the parent is fishing in the background.  The main goal of taking a child fishing is to have them enjoy the experience, no matter the outcome, so that they WANT TO COME BACK.  I will make sure any child on Tranquila Boat has a great time, and wants to fish again. 

A few tips:

If your child has a short attention span, start with a short trip,  The Family Shad Fishing is a great test run.  There is typically plenty of action which is what kids and beginning fisherpeople enjoy.  If your child has been fishing before, and can sit for long periods of time with little action, you could opt for Salmon or Sturgeon.  Please note these types of fish are caught by trolling.  This means setting the rods in holders and driving at very slow speeds for long periods of time with the potential of catching a fish.  Different types of fish use casting where the fisherperson learns to cast the rod and slowly reel the line in.  Different techniques and concepts can be taught and discussed depending on the child's level of interest.  

Just because a child does not take to fishing the first time, does not mean they will not eventually love to fish.  I know from my own experience, it was extremely frustrating for me to try to take my kid fishing until recently, at age 11.  Even now her attention span is about 1 hour.  So I rarely take her on the boat and try for short bank trips.  She has always loved casting and often when she was younger I would put a toy on the end of her line and she would cast and reel in over and over.    

However, when we do take her on the boat, she is very proud to say she loves fishing, even though she spends the majority of the time eating snacks, taking pictures, and jumping in the water if it's a hot day.  She may eventually make it for a longer trip but in the meantime, I get to enjoy your children fishing.  

If you have any specific questions about your child fishing just give me a call!


Father and daughter fishing with kids
Salmon Coho Fishing with Kids
Fishing with Kids
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