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Since we will be hanging out for 8 hours I'll share a little more about me in case you need more info. 

I started fishing as a kid with my dad in Alaska.  After hooking my first salmon I was hooked on fishing.  I began fishing not only in the Portland area but around the world as I worked and traveled.  My first guiding gigs were in the interior of Alaska for Bettles Lodge mostly for sheefish but also lake trout. Flying into remote lakes and rivers inspired to get my pilots license thinking one day I may be a bush pilot.  

That dream was put on hold when I discovered the Caribbean.  I lived in Honduras for 15 years where I stalked bonefish from the dock bar I owned--Tranquila Bar.  Now you know where the name came from.  Since I sold the biz I and relocated back to Portland with my family, I decided I could finally pursue my fishing passion.  

Most people want to fish the Pacific Northwest for salmon.  I offer Salmon fishing during the bigger runs in prime locations.  For current up to date information call.  In fact for any booking call.  There is no better way to plan.  Although there are "seasons" for fish, they aren't always on time.  I will let you know the what and where and this changes daily.  If you are in town during off season and want to experience other types of fishing give me a ring and I will give you a run down of the current options.  


I enjoy the experience of fishing.  From waking before the sun, to hooking up the boat, to picking up a fellow fisherperson, to setting a strategy and thinking like a fish, testing the plan, adjusting the plan, catching fish, swapping tall tales with my mates and creating new memories--about FISH.


Depending on the time of year, we will catch steelhead, sturgeon, bass, walleye, rainbow trout, pike minnow, and more.  If you want a specific fish or location, gimmie a call.   

I promise to take you on a fishing adventure, Tranquila-style.


The specs:

USCG 25 ton master license

Fully insured and require liability release

State of Oregon licensed  Fishing Guide

Tranquila Boat:

19 ft Alumaweld Stryker

60 hp Mercury

10 hp Mercury

4 person max

*Bimini optional when only 2pp

**I strictly enforce and support sustainable fishing and fisheries.  They are what make fishing fun for generations to come.  And I have seen the effects of poor planning and enforcement, I am happy to teach why rules are rules and be sure you know them upfront.  

Fishing on the Willamette River, Portland in the background
Father and Daughter fishing
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